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By containing most supplies needed for acrylic painting, the meeden 64 piece acrylic painting set makes the perfect gift for hobbyists and beginner artists. As number 5 in the Best Acrylic Paint Set buying guide, the non-toxic and AP certified paint in this set provides children with safe fun.

Why We Like It – MEEDEN 64 Piece Acrylic Painting Set

This premium acrylic paint provides strong color and great covering power due to having a high pigment concentration. The high quality paint brushes also included in the set have different styles of brush tips such as angle, round, flat, filbert, and fan to produce different brushstrokes. Combining both the paint and brushes allows the artist to create all sorts of textures and colors.

  • Adjustable wood table easel
  • Compact
  • Has the option of free shipping/free delivery
  • More suitable as a children’s gift due to smaller size
  • Paint tube design doesn’t prevent paint from drying out


Like the Arteza acrylic paint set, Meeden acrylic paints have a reputation for their vibrant color and rich velvety textures. These 48 tubes of acrylic paint come in an impressive array of colors that look the same when dry. This set provides an easy way to turn any room into a miniature art studio, as it includes a compact and lightweight easel that helps keep supplies organized while painting. The Meeden company has so much confidence in the quality of their products that they offer full refunds.


The 48 colors of paint come in 22ml tubes, but unlike the liquitex basics acrylic paint multicolor set, the caps don’t keep the paint from potentially drying out. However, the sturdy easel has rubber feet to protect the surfaces the easel is standing on and to prevent slipping. The brushes are also soft and durable so they can be used to paint on various surfaces. Overall, the kit is lightweight and compact, as the easel is foldable for easy storage.


This is a great startup kit since brushes, an easel, acrylic/canvas pads, and more are included, unlike paint sets such as the soho urban artist heavy body paint set that only provides the paint. Unfortunately, since the paint is capable of drying up in their containers, it could mean that refills may need to be bought sooner than desired. Aside from that, this kit is a great option to supply artists with everything they could need and still be cost effective.

MEEDEN 64 Piece Acrylic Painting Set Wrap Up

Customer reviews recommend to please try this set, as this paint set has more than what a beginner needs to start painting. Easy to set up and small, it can be used in places such as school or at home. Try to take a break from movies, TV, and games for even a short while, grab an acrylic pad, and you might be surprised with what you can create.

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