What is the Maytag Washer Manufacturer Warranty?

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Updated March 21, 2023

When perusing appliance insurance plans, you may run across Maytag’s washer warranty. When you purchase a new Maytag washer, you also receive a particularly robust manufacturer’s warranty of ten years, which goes beyond other washer manufacturers. This manufacturer’s warranty handles issues caused by factory errors but does not cover accidental damage or normal wear and tear, similar to a Samsung refrigerator warranty.


  • Maytag washers, created by the Whirlpool Corporation, are known for being durable and reliable appliances, and, as such, they ship with a ten-year limited warranty.
  • This warranty only covers manufacturing defects, however, and not any repair costs due to accidental damage or normal wear and tear.
  • For additional coverage, consider an extended Maytag plan or a third-party insurance plan. This will ensure every part of your laundry appliance is covered, from the drive motor to the stainless steel wash basket.

Do Maytag Washers Come With a Warranty?

Yes, Maytag offers a limited parts warranty of ten years, so if anything goes wrong during that time period that can be traced back to the manufacturing, you are covered. This warranty offers free replacement parts, similar to a Lowes appliance warranty. The lifespan of this warranty is robust, to be sure, but it does not cover accidental damage or normal wear and tear, similar to an Otterbox warranty for iPhone.

Insider Tip

Fill out your registration card and sign up for any extended insurance or warranty plan as soon as you can to avoid any coverage gaps.

Tips to Extend Coverage

If you like the idea of a ten-year limited warranty but want a bit of extra protection to handle normal wear and tear and accidental damage, there are certainly several options to choose from.

Maytag Extended Service Plans

If you want to stay “in the family,” as they say, consider a Maytag extended service plan. These plans add more coverage types into the mix, such as standard insurance that handles accidental damage and wear and tear. They can even offer an extended time frame, though only by a couple of years, as you are starting with that ten-year limited warranty. The pricing and specifics of these plans vary depending on your model of washer. In other words, there is nothing universal and simple like AppleCare+ here. Contact a Maytag rep for more information.

Third-Party Plans

As always, third-party plans are always an option. There are multitudes of companies out there that provide extended warranty and insurance overage to big-ticket home appliances, washers included. These plans are all pretty different from one another when it comes to the type of coverage and the length of coverage, so take some time researching the various products available before making a selection.

Homeowners Insurance

Standard homeowner insurance covers a lot of different things, including damage related to natural disasters. Some of these plans extend to home appliances, so if your washer was damaged in a flood, it could be covered, even without a dedicated appliance insurance plan.

STAT: Key parts are covered under each Maytag warranty, depending on your appliance. For a full ten years, trust Maytag to tackle problems with any of these components. (source)

Maytag Warranty FAQs

Did you register your appliance?

Registering your appliance is key for activating the warranty, so be sure to do that even before making your first quick wash with the unit.

How do you make a Maytag warranty claim?

You can make a claim online or by calling a rep on the phone. Once the claim is filed, you will receive regular updates for peace of mind.

Does Maytag have a lifetime warranty?

No, but the company does offer a limited appliance warranty of ten years, which is nothing to sneeze at. This warranty kicks in no matter the original price of the washer and covers various components, from the stainless steel tub to the stainless steel wash basket.
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