May Tree Clear Backpack Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Best used when heading to a concert, the May Tree Clear backpack is made out of clear PVC material so that you won’t get any hold ups with security when attending a large public event. May Tree actually came up with the bag to have its users enjoy easy access to such places, and this is why they use the tagline “stadium approved” when talking about the clear PVC range of backpacks. The bag makes features on our list of the best backpacks that you could get depending on your needs, and to see if this one meets yours, make sure you get to the end of this review.

Why We Like It – May Tree Clear Backpack

The May Tree clear backpack is the perfect size see through backpack that’ll make sure that you never have to unpack your stuff at a security entrance again. The bag is cheap, durable and allows you to carry a decent amount of stuff. Another secure bag you can get that has anti-theft features is the MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack.

  • Padded, adjustable straps
  • Stadium approved
  • Side pocket for water bottle
  • Will not fit a laptop


The stadium approved clear May Tree backpack is a sure way to walk in to concerts or stadiums without much fuss from security checks. But if you want a secure but simple bag for the outdoors, you should look at the Mission Workshop Arkiv Modular Systems. Now, because of the PVC material of the May Tree Clear Backpack, the bag has a good level of water resistance, but even with that said, please try and avoid getting caught up with it under the rain. Why? Because one, the manufacturer hasn’t deemed it as waterproof, and two, some water might seep in through the zipper even if you have it closed. Something else to note is that you may have a problem loading something as large as a laptop into the bag, so try and stick with smaller carry items whenever you’re using it. If you absolutely must move around with your laptop, consider getting the nike hayward 2.0 backpack.


Just like the May Tree clear Tote bag, the May Tree clear bag is only available in the color black, and this just means that the bag’s zippers and straps are in that color, while the rest of it is clear PVC material. Its straps are padded to ensure comfort, and adjustable to ensure that every user gets the best fit. By itself, the bag weighs just slightly less than a pound, and with one side pocket included, you won’t have to place your water bottle in the main compartment. The bag measures 12 inches in height, 11.4 inches in length and 5.5 inches in width, making it a decent substitute as a school bag for kids, or even for teens who aren’t shy about being the center of attention. If you’re looking for a bag that’s more suited for a college undergrad, the matein travel laptop backpack could be a nice pick to consider. If you’re out of college and/or are a working adult and frequently commute, you’ll need the best commuter bag to help you transport all your work gear and supplies.


Announced in late 2019, the May Tree clear bags have already grown a wide fan base of customers whose common trait is their love for concerts. It means you won’t have security going through your stuff, so all you’ll be hearing is “please enter”. For those who would like to carry more stuff than the backpack allows them to, May Tree also offers a tote bag of the same PVC material, but only larger than the backpack. On the other hand, anyone who needs a bag that’s got space as well as some ruggedness to cope with the outdoors might want to know more about the north face borealis backpack.

May Tree Clear Backpack Wrap Up

According to Amazon, any new customer in the United States that would like to qualify for free shipping/free delivery of this bag might have to spend more $25, but those that have an active Amazon prime subscription get free two day shipping as part of their subscription privileges.

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