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Most don’t look at a wall mounted fan while shopping for the best garage fan. But a high velocity wall mount fan does work very well in different places, such as a patio, a garage, or even in a shop. And the Maxxair HVWM 18 UPS is no different.

Why We Like It – Maxxair HVWM 18 UPS

Maxx Air is already an established brand in the wall mounted fans market. And the Maxxair HVWM 18 UPS holds up that legacy very well. This wall mount fan offers a lot of functionality along with good performance at an attractive price point.

  • Three speed settings
  • Sturdy wall mount
  • 10 ft. grounded, three-prong power cord.
  • Pretty loud and narrow air flow path


Coming as no surprise, the Maxxair HVWM 18 UPS 18 inch wall mount fan performs very well on all three of its speed settings. You get the following airflow speeds with each speed mode, High: 1150 CFMs, Medium: 1100 CFMs, and Low: 1050 CFMs. But the air flow path is very narrow. So, unfortunately, this heavy duty fan can’t fill up a big room entirely with air flow. In that case, a bigger fan like the Lasko 2265QM might be more helpful.


The Maxxair HVWM 18 UPS is incredibly well built. Not only does it have a full metal body and metal grills, but they are also powder coated and spray painted to prevent rusting. And coming in at just over 14 pounds, it’s very heavy too. Everything in this fan just screams quality, as it should on its above $70 price tag.

Noise/Sound Level

Because this fan moves a large amount of air, it’s not the quietest fan you can buy. But it’s not too bad and definitely isn’t a reason for any complaint. In fact, all heavy duty wall mounted fans in this range are similarly loud.

Versatility/Modern Features

One significant omission here is the remote control, and it might be a big one for some. The Maxxair HVWM 18 UPS fan can tilt up and down up to 180°. And there’s a hanging bar included too, if you don’t have a place on your wall. If you have room in your ceiling, get the Westinghouse ceiling fans.


This fan is an excellent purchase for everyone looking for a rugged designed fan with free delivery. And the money you spend behind this fan, you get well worth of service for years.

Maxxair HVWM 18 UPS Wrap Up

Wall mounted fans are usually great for using in professional spaces like a garage. And the Maxx Air Wall Mount fan delivers on pretty much all fronts in this aspect.

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