Maxxair High-Velocity Air Movement Fan Review

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Updated July 12, 2022
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Finding the best garage fan is pretty hard. Most people can’t decide whether to go for a drum fan, ceiling fans, or wall mount fans. Well, the Maxxair High-Velocity Air Movement Fan is an excellent option for them. Read on to discover key features that make it one of the best fans in its category.

Why We Like It – Maxxair High-Velocity Air Movement Fan

The Maxxair High-Velocity Air Movement Fan is an exceptionally well-built, heavy-duty, high-velocity floor fan that also works very well for air circulation. Aside from its shortcomings, it’s one of the best floor fans you can buy right now.

  • Excellent coverage and strong air circulation
  • Great airflow speeds
  • Industrial grade design
  • Very loud and noisy

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It is mainly an air circulator fan, so its main job is to keep the air moving. So it won’t blow you away with its performance. But it does an excellent job of keeping the air moving. The on-off switch also doubles as a speed controller where you can change between two-speed settings, HI (High) and LOW. But remote control is sorely missed here.


This is a part where the heavy-duty industrial-grade design really shines. It’s entirely made out of steel and is very durable. And this 24-inch high-velocity fan, if not damaged during the shipping process (due to its large size), will serve you well for years to come. The power cord is pretty sturdy too.

Noise/Sound Level

The Maxxair High-Velocity Air Movement Fan is not very quiet; in fact, it’s one of the loudest fans you can get. But that is to be expected as no garage fan is very quiet or is supposed to be used indoors. Still, it is an air circulator fan some might expect it to be quiet. If you really need a quiet fan go for any of the Westinghouse ceiling fans available out there.

Versatility/Modern Features

It definitely is one of the best high-velocity fans in terms of modern features. You can tilt it 180° to adjust this air king of a fan according to your comfort zone. But if you need a wall mount fan, check out their own Maxx Air Wall Mount Fan that comes at a lower price. For a standing unit, check out our Remington 20-inch floor fan review.


Coming with excellent industrial-grade design and decent performance, the Maxxair High-Velocity Air Movement Fan serves its purpose pretty well. And that makes it a pretty great value for money buy, similar to what you’d find with the Lasko high-velocity fan. But if you don’t care about the size, the Lasko 2265QM comes in at a much lower price, and it’s only 4 inches smaller.

Maxxair High-Velocity Air Movement Fan Wrap Up

Overall, the Maxxair High-Velocity Air Movement Fan is pretty good for what it offers. You really do get what you pay for from this high-velocity, industrial-grade fan.