Maxx Air Wall Mount Fan Review

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Updated July 12, 2022
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Maxx Air Ceiling Fans are three-speed ceiling fans that provide powerful and consistent streams of air up to 1150 CFMs. No dB levels are explicitly stated, but customer reviews are consistent with the surprising quietness of the fan. It’s a highly versatile fan that can be used as a best wall mount fan, best outdoor floor fan, and best garage fan. Read our review to learn more about this top-tier fan.

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Why We Like It – Maxx Air Wall Mount Fan

The Maxx Air Wall Mount Fan are the type of fans walls love. They have a 180-degree tilt head for better control of air direction and are built with powder-coated steel for enhanced endurance. The ten-foot power cord is also a welcome touch as most other wall mount fans only come with a five-foot power cord.

  • Three Speed
  • Heavy Duty Hanging Bar
  • Enclosed, Dust-Proof, Energy-Efficient Motor
  • No dB Levels
  • Heavy

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Just like its cousin the Maxxair HWVM 18 UPS, the Maxx Air High-Quality Wall Mounted Fans tilt 180 degrees so you can point air directly where you need it most. It also contains a three-speed pull chain which allows further customization. If pull chains seem a little too ‘old-school’ for you, consider the SPT SF-16W81 which can be controlled via a remote control or even by pushing buttons on the fan.


To ensure durability and longevity, the Maxx Air Heavy Duty Oscillating Wall Fans come built with powder-coated steel and OSHA-compliant rust-protected grills. It also comes with a heavy-duty hanging bar so you can easily mount it overhead if floor space is limited. Unfortunately, it’s for indoor use only. Check out the Hurricane HGC736503 if you’d like an outdoor fan, provided you have shelter.

Noise/Sound Level

Maxx Air High-Velocity Wall Mount Fans blow air anywhere between 1050 CFMs to 1150 CFMs. You would think a fan this powerful would make a lot of noise, but it doesn’t. There are no outright stated dB levels, but customer reviews have consistently commented that the noise level of the fan is very low, as it is on the iLiving ILG8E18 Wall Mount Outdoor Fan. Sure, it makes some noise, but it won’t amount to much more than just some soothing background noise.

Versatility/Modern Features

Maxx Air Indoor Outdoor Wall Mount Fans come with 10-foot power cords which are both extremely versatile and about five feet longer than most power cords you see in fans of its class. But if you know exactly where to put it and don’t need a long power cord, check out the Lorell LLR49256. The moor on the Maxx Air fan also sports an enclosed, dust-proof, and energy-efficient motor which will save you money and make sure the fan lasts you quite a while.


While a little on the heavy side (almost 14 pounds). The added durability and longevity of the Maxx Air Heating Cooling Wall Mount Fans easily make up for this. If you like supporting local, you’ll be happy to learn that the fans are assembled in the United States from domestic and foreign parts and that customer support is based in Texas. Speaking of Texas, the heat can be ridiculous there, so in addition to this fan, you’ll want to know how to make a misting fan to keep cool through those hot summers.

Maxx Air Wall Mount Fan Wrap Up

Maxx Air Wall Mount Fans are a little heavier than most fans in its class. But when you factor in the enhanced durability and lifespan, the extra weight starts to seem like nothing. The enclosed, dust-proof, and energy-efficient motor not only helps save you money, but also adds to the longevity and durability of the fan too.

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