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Maxtra Electric Scooter/Moped Review

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Updated January 25, 2022
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The Maxtra Electric Scooter/Moped is an affordable electric scooter aimed squarely at children. Its low price, kid-friendly top speed, and surprisingly high weight limit of 155 lbs. make it one of the best electric mopeds for children that money can buy. It should probably qualify in the best electric scooters category too.

Why We Like It – Maxtra Electric Scooter/Moped

The Maxtra Electric Scooter/Moped is a great pick for kids looking for a decent electric scooter for cruising around the neighborhood. It goes fast enough to provide a thrill to children, its range is good enough to last for long rides around the neighborhood, and it’s just overall a solid buy. It’s very similar to this Maxtra Electric Scooter model.

  • Low top speed makes it well-suited for kids
  • Range is adequate for neighborhood cruising
  • Low price
  • Recharging takes a long time


Good for about 6 miles, the Maxtra Electric Scooter/Moped is fine enough for its intended purpose of cruising around neighborhood sidewalks. The Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter has over double the range at 13 miles and comes in at a similar price point, but it lacks a seat.


Aimed at kids, the Maxtra Electric Scooter/Moped is both portable and leight. It comes in at just 26 pounds and has a weight limit of 155 lbs., and its folding design makes it very portable for adults driving their kids to the park or to a friend’s house. Its seat is also removable, making it even more compact than it already is. Another foldable model we recommend for commuting is the NanRobot D4 Electric Scooter.


A low top speed ensures handling is easy on the Maxtra Electric Scooter/Moped, making it well-suited for its intended audience of children. It’s controlled through the right handlebar; twisting it makes it accelerate or decelerate, and it’s tuned in such a way that it’s easy to figure out and safe for kids to use even if they push it to its limits. It’s perfect for driving down sidewalks in neighborhood areas, and usability shouldn’t present a problem.

Ride Comfort

So long as you stick to hard surfaces like sidewalks, the Maxtra Electric Scooter/Moped provides a solid riding experience. It’s poorly suited for soft surfaces such as grass and dirt, but it’s a solid pick for neighborhood driving. If you’re looking for something for a young teen, the Razor EcoSmart Electric Scooter is a better pick as it goes faster and is aimed at an older audience.


Recharging takes about as long, though slower, than other electric scooters, clocking in at around 6 hours to recharge to full. The battery is good for about 60 minutes of use, or around 6 miles, making it a good pick for short daily runs.

Maxtra Electric Scooter/Moped Wrap-up

The Maxtra Electric Scooter/Moped is a solid choice for parents on a budget that want to get their kids a decent electric scooter. It’s not the fanciest model on the block, but it has a lot of nice features for the price and is perfect for children in suburban environments. Its high portability and decent range make it suitable for family outings as well, so long as there’s a sidewalk or paved path to drive it on.

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