Maxpedition Wallet Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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When looking for one of the Best Cool Wallets, or more specifically the Best Coin Wallet, people probably want a smaller wallet with great durability, and the Maxpedition wallet may be that wallet. It’s water resistant, abrasion resistant, grime resistant, and can be cleaned by wiping it with a wet washcloth.

Why We Like It – Maxpedition Wallet

The Maxpedition wallet has a lot of pockets despite its smaller size, allowing the user access to a surprising amount of storage space. It can be cleaned by simply wiping the wallet with a wet cloth and letting the wallet air dry, and it’s durable enough to be abrasion resistant. Ever seen a wallet that is chemical resistant, extremely durable, and non-hydroscopic? Read our Magpul DAKA everyday wallet review.

  • Simple design
  • 11 pockets
  • Easy to clean
  • Can’t be machine washed


A wallet Maxpedition produces tends to take a minimalistic approach in terms of appearance, opting to be more functional than fashionable, similar to the CLUCI Wallet for Women. However, that’s not a bad thing, as it manages to provide plenty of storage while the pockets are arranged in a way that looks stylish for people who want a wallet that looks good. It also has a denim jeans-esque appearance, complete with what looks like a similar stitching pattern. Also, check out our MCM men’s wallet review to learn about a bifold wallet that is crafted by masters of producing leather goods.


It’s made of Nylon that has been treated with Dupont Teflon fabric protector and coated in polyurethane in order to provide resistance to water and stains. As long as the buyer remembers to avoid machine washing it or cleaning it with either detergent or bleach, it should last for a while. Since Maxpedition is known for making military, CCW, EDC, and many more types of gear, they make sure that their products are tough enough, and this is no exception.


The Maxpedition wallet contains 4 different types of pockets, having more types of pockets than the AnnabelZ Coin Purse, which only has 3 card slots and a zip pocket. By having 3 card slots, 1 zip pocket, 6 slip pockets, and an exterior pocket, it has a total of 11 pockets. It’s also sectioned in a way that allows the wallet to bills of different currencies.


Despite the amount of pockets it has, it’s actually thin and small. However, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in versatility, as it’s tough enough to be used for various occupations or to just simply carry outdoors: Nature hiking, camping, police officer, EMT, Firefighter, Bushcraft, and more. The Maxpedition wallet is smaller, but thicker than the Vera Bradley Women’s Wallet, and the zipper is less likely to snag on itself due to being completely sewn to the wallet.


While it’s not the cheapest wallet on the market, it’s a cheaper wallet with enough protection to be water resistant and to be able to resist stains. The coating and treatment of its Nylon fabric are what mostly contribute to the overall cost. If it wasn’t made of Nylon or anything just as durable, if not more durable, it would have just been another cheap wallet if you take away the coating and fabric treatment.

Maxpedition Wallet Wrap Up

Customer reviews have mostly been positive, praising the wallet for its storage space. One customer complimented the wallet’s sleeve pockets, and how those and all of the other pockets allow them to store more things in them. Another customer noted how durable it looked, stating that it didn’t feel cheap for a wallet that wasn’t made of leather.

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