Matrixpad Z4 Android Quad Core Processor Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
90 Expert Rating

The Matrixpad Z4 Android Quad Core Processor is an Android tablet which allows you to enjoy crisp, vibrant images on this impressive screen size. This wi-fi enabled, 10 inch tablet, offers a smooth 64 bit quad core processor, giving you a smooth performance with ample battery life. The Z4 tablet also has an impressive rear camera. Quad core processor allows perks such as Google play and Google Assistant to run almost flawlessly, making this one of the best Android tablets. And the large 10 inch IPS HD display, allows comfortable reading and TV/movie watching.

Why We Like It – MatrixPad Z4 Android Quad Core Processor

The Matrixpad Z4 Android Quad Core Processor is a high performance, powerful device with a 64 bit quad core processor. Using the latest android OS, you can have full access to Google play, allowing you to download all the apps you love such as YouTube, Skype, Netflix, and many others.

  • Bright screen
  • Decent speed
  • Good battery
  • Feels a bit cheap


The 10 inch tablet, Android run, definitely performs better than its earlier wi fi models. The front camera and rear camera work really well. And the IPS display is bright and clear. With 2 GB RAM, this Z4 features a smooth, powerful performance from the processor, giving you almost no lag or pixelated images. The dual speakers, like the Amazon Fire HD 8 (8th Gen) Android Tablet, provide robust audio to play video, games and music. You could also flawlessly share photos and videos on this 10 inch tablet, with ease, thanks to the simple to understand display. In addition to these features, if you desire a tablet with the latest security features like Face Recognition, take time to read the Lenovo Miix 2 8 Windows 8 Tablet Review.


This device has a large advantage over the smaller inch tablets. Screen size gives you a bright display, Wi-Fi connected, offering crisp and bright pictures for streaming your favorite videos and music. The large screen helps you enjoy a solid reading experience, resulting in less eyestrain and longer viewing. The plastic finish repels fingerprints and the casing itself is easy to grip. The dual speakers are positioned on the back of the tablet, which might annoy some people who truly care about the perfect sound. Lightweight and durable allow for easy travel with this device.


The Vankyo Matrixpad z4 tablet is definitely a good budget for those looking for a high-performing tablet with a lower price. You should be happy with the 2 GB storage, but you can also purchase a microSD card, sold at all electronic locations. To get a tablet that you can expand your storage capacity up to 512GB, check out the Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet Black. Sure, the casing of the Z4 feels like it’s on the cheaper side, but the tablet truly is tough and can give you a lot of miles. When you look at other Android tablets, like the Dragon Touch K10 Android Tablet,
on the market, priced at this range, they don’t always guarantee good value in performance…but this device surely delivers in more ways than one, and you can be comfortable buying it.

MatrixPad Z4 Android Quad Core Processor Wrap Up

The Matrixpad Z4 Android Quad Core Processor is a rare true budget tablet that Android offers. Although it’s clear that some corners were cut in the making of it, you can consider this a device worth trying. You’ll be happy with features such as a truly splendid display, lots of built in storage, the expandable memory capacity of up to 128 GB, and a powerful quad core processor, much like the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD 10” Android Tablet. This offers a smooth performance for video games, running business charts, TV and movies. All in all, for this price, you’re not going to feel bad about giving this tablet a try.

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