Do you have the best car alarm? Do you need an assistant in your car? I’m thinking a beautiful woman who can take notes for business. Well, how about a device that turns your car into a smart car? Now it’s looking appealing right? The MAT Personal In-Car AI Assistant is like getting a new car without that new car cost. It’s as useful as the best radar detectors.

MAT Personal In-Car AI Assistant
This assistant does it all.

The MAT Personal In-Car AI Assistant Is A Truly Useful Passenger

It has a lot of features that your car is currently missing and judging by that long list of features, you will wonder how you ever lived without them. Now you can unlock your cars full potential.

These features include a vocal assistant to control your app or device hands-free, while a driving coach will tell you how you are driving with the ability to set alarms if you go above a certain speed, below a fuel level and more. The speed alarm is a handy alternative to a separate radar detector so you won’t get a ticket.

It Does Everything

It also helps you keep your car in good shape with Predictive Maintenance, alerting you before there is a problem. That will help you keep your car healthy and maintained before you encounter any serious issues that could be very expensive. Day and Night mode changes the apps display, making easy to read in both light and dark.

MAT will also read your text messages for you and allows you to reply using your voice. It also acts as an anti-theft device, alerting you if your car moves or if the device is removed from the port. Other features include GPS tracking, (No need for separate navigation apps) emergency calling should you be in an accident, and collision detection in case someone hits you while you are parked.

How is that for a personal assistant? It couldn’t be easier to use since this AI-capable dongle is compatible with your car’s OBD-II port. You just plug it in and download the app, then you have a complete portable environment that you can take with you from car to car.  All cars from 2002 have an OBD-II port standard so unless you have a really old car, you are good.

This Assistant Goes Where You Go

This gadget does just about everything, acting as a personal GPS tracking device, collision detection and much more. This AI helper is a great buy for as little as $60 from Kickstarter. It’s like never being alone in your car again.

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