Massive Android Wear Update Incoming

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Android Wear is getting a mega update that is going to make the device more stylish, customizable and more useful than ever before. The smartwatch OS won’t only be getting more functionality, but it’ll also get many awesome new Watch Faces (including a Santa — how fitting!).

The Watch Face API has been released to developers, and we’re already seeing some truly great creations that might actually make Android Wear worth getting. The Watch Face API allows devs to add widgets such as weather, calendar, altitude or data from the watch itself or specific apps. Here are some examples of the new Watch Faces:

Android Wear Watch faces carbon fiber

android watch

These Watch Faces and much more will be available for a free download via Google Play, and will be as simple as downloading and installing any other Android app. Google also showcased a Despicable Me watch, a Plants vs. Zombies watch, and a Porsche themed watch, to name a few. Along with the pretty new faces, the Android Wear update will add other great new features, such as Sunlight mode, which will temporarily boost the screen brightness for a brief period of time and Theater mode, which will mute all incoming notifications and turn the screen black. Users will also be able to block notifications from any app directly from the watch, and there will also supposedly be hundreds of bug-fixes (you mean, the Android Watch has over a hundred bugs??).

This is clearly the biggest update the Android Wear smartwatch has seen yet, and it looks like Google is trying to vamp up the product and work out the kinks before the Apple Watch hits stores in January.

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