The best iPads should have the best games. Mass Effect 3 will be expanding its narrative and providing players some more combat via its new iPad iOS game, Mass Effect Infiltrator. While the Mass Effect series is a sci-fi role-playing game known for its over-the-shoulder shooter gameplay, its iOS version will be all about fighting. If you like this game for your iPad, you’ll wanna see our Infinity Blade III review too.

The backstory on the new iOS game is about a soldier named Randall Ezno and his travels to track down alien species across the universe. It starts to overlap with the storyline from Mass Effect 3 as he starts to feed information and various items to Commander Shepard, the protagonist of Mass Effect 3. And to keep players interested in the new iOS game, items and info collected in it will also appear in the console game for Shepard to use. While Mass Effect Infiltrator gameplay will focus on short bursts of action, its graphics are pretty on par with those of the actual console game. As one of the best-looking mobile games, players control Ezno via touch-based analog-sticks, with shooting controls working by tapping on enemies for aiming. For another great game on the iPad, take a look at our Zombie Burbz AppGear review (iPad and Android tablets) (video).

The game will be available for all iOS devices, including iPad, iPod and iPhone. There’s no news on price or an exact release date yet, but EA reps mentioned that it would be released around the same time as Mass Effect 3.

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