Marvel Comics Monopoly Collector’s Edition Up For Grabs

Marvel Monopoly

Snowy and/or rainy days are the best days to hunker down, sip on some hot chocolate and dive into a game of Monopoly.  It’s by most accounts the classic board game that every kid that is now an adult played growing up.  Over the years I’ve seen a number of iterations of the board game, but none might not be more geek aspirational than the Monopoly: Marvel Comics Collector’s Edition.

Replacing the iconic property tiles of a time past are comic books.  That’s right, you’ll be pitted against other players in what is no longer a land grab, but a race to amass the most radical comic book collection this side of the planet.  Some of the comic books included are Spider Man’s first ever appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15 to the dynamic debut of the first family of superheroes in Fantastic Four #1.  And instead of the shoe, the hat or the iron, six Marvel tokens are taking their place; Magneto’s Helmet, Infinity Gauntlet, Eye of Agamotto, Things Fist, Captain America’s Shield and the Helicarrier.  Moreover, the traditional Monopoly currency comes in the form of Marvel’s own version.

You can buy Marvel Comics Collectors Edition Monopoly Board Game from Amazon for $32.

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