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Marshall’s Kilburn Bluetooth Speaker Delivers 20 Hours Of Power

Marshall is a name we’re all familiar with; the Marshall stack is practically a rock-star trope at this point. But, in addition to their guitar amps, Marshall has been taking their audio engineering experience and their unique look to other audio tech, including this top Bluetooth speaker. Which is why we now have the Kilburn, a speaker that not only looks slick, but lasts.

Marshall Your Forces

First off, as you might expect, Marshall is bringing the firepower. And as a result they might have built the best portable speaker in the market. This big box not only comes with a four-inch woofer, it’s also go two 3 1/4″ tweeters and three amplifiers, a fifteen watt and two five watt. In other words, your music is going to sound good no matter where you go.

More to the point, your music doesn’t have to be wired to the Kilburn to sound good. You can connect it with a Bluetooth 4.0 device, in addition to the minijack that comes standard. And, this being Marshall, the Kilburn comes with a bunch of analog dials and switches; you have to switch it on, and volume, bass and treble are fully controllable with three pots on the top of the speaker.

If all that weren’t enough, Marshall is claiming that the Kilburn has a twenty-hour life on one charge, provided you play it at half volume.

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  1. Jack Marcus

    Nothing beats the Thodio A-BOX original AMMO CAN BOOMBOX with 200 watts and 72 hour battery life, HD bluetooth. I got one for my son, he is eternally grateful.

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