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Marathon Alarm Clock Review

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The Marathon Classic Silent Sweep alarm clock is a simple yet sophisticated choice among the most popular alarm clocks. The Marathon Classic clock comes in a variety of color choices for you to choose from. It’s as quiet as you need it to be since it’s second hand doesn’t have a ticking sound, and with an option to have it backlit at night, you’ll still be able to easily tell the time even if you’re in the dark. Go ahead and read this review to find out what to expect from it, and you’ll be able to if it’s the best alarm clock for your needs.

Why We Like It – Marathon Alarm Clock

For anyone that’s in the market for a simple, good looking analogue clock, the Marathon Alarm Clock fits the bill. It’s easy to operate, unlike the Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clock, and it has an amber backlight that you can use to read off the time at night without a lot of strain. And for some security, why not take a look at a popular home addition by reading our review of 20 of the sneakiest secret doors.

  • 6 different color choices
  • Has 2 AA batteries included
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • No FM radio


Unlike the American lifetime clock, the Marathon Classic alarm clock relies on a set of AA batteries to keep running, and does not come with the option to connect it to a mains switch. The clock however takes quite a while to deplete the batteries, though if you have the night light on for most of the night, this might be significantly longer. The night light is situated on its top panel, where it also doubles up as a snooze button that shuts the alarm off for another 5 minutes incase you need just a bit more sleep.


Compared to other alarm clocks like the LBell LB01 Sunrise Alarm Clock, the Marathon Alarm clock doesn’t feature much to talk about in terms of design, though it does offer a healthy variety of colors that you can pick and choose your favourite from. It’s available in a black, gold, silver or white color, and has a very distinct red button that’s used to set up the alarm time. Weighing 0.6 pounds, it’s a fairly light alarm clock, and with a conveniently placed snooze buttons, you won’t struggle to shut the alarm off for an extra 5 minutes of sleep once it starts ringing.


If you’re already used to having a digital alarm clock like the travelwey home led digital alarm clock for example, then switching to an analogue one might feel a bit weird. In spite of this, the fact that the Marathon clock has a silent sweep second hand means its operation will still be as quiet as that of a digital alarm clock, so you shouldn’t have to worry about a ticking sound as you sleep. To check out another alarm clock that operates silently, and uses voice to adjust the clock settings, read more about the Moshi Voice Controlled Talking Alarm Clock Review.

Marathon Alarm Clock Wrap Up

The Marathon Alarm clock is a quiet, good looking choice that’s just perfect for your bedside. It’s got an adjustable amber backlight for you to decide how bright it needs to be at night, and is a perfect choice for your kid’s room especially if you don’t want them fumbling with a digital clock.