Mann-Filter CUK 2939 Cabin Filter Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Mann-Filter CUK 2939 filters air in the cabin of your car through the process of mechanical and electrostatic attraction By filtering the air inside the passenger compartment you can help to improve the health of yourself and those that ride with you. If pollen, dust, or gases are an issue for you, this may be the best cabin air filter for you. Continue to the bottom to learn nore about its features and maybe compare it with the finest car accessories on the market today.

Why We Like It – Mann-Filter CUK 2939 Cabin Filter

Combining mechanical and electrostatic attraction, the Mann-Filter CUK 2939 gathers nearby pollen, spores, dust, and harmful gases to leave behind fresher and safer air than before.

  • Easy to install
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Allergy and harmful gas protection
  • Does not protect against mold
  • Not universal

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Vehicle air filters are meant to be removed and accessed with some ease. Once the air filter is replaced it should be easy to notice an improvement in the air quality and operation of the AC unit. Not only will this help to reduce the number of allergens and odor but can help to protect the AC system and the components that make it up.


The Mann-Filter CUK 2939 is designed to fit and replace a wide assortment of vehicle makes and models. It should be stressed to check and make sure that this filter is designed for vehicles before purchasing a replacement. When used and installed properly the cabin filter should help reduce the number of particulates that may be present in the cabin’s air. It accomplishes this by using a fine mess cloth along with activated charcoal to remove most harmful particles out of the air. This filter should be changed regularly based on the manufacture, and only with those suited to your vehicle. You’re limited to select Audi/Volkswagen, while EPAuto CF10285 Toyota Premium Activated is for Toyota.


While there are some things that this cabin air filter can help to protect against doing so will raise the price of an already moderately priced item. Yes, given the right conditions it is possible for mold to form on the filter, but those conditions can be hard to reach making the Mann-Filter extremely affordable and when paired with a service like Amazon Prime’s free shipping the affordability of this cabin air filter only increases making this a good purchase for any one who’s car matches Mann-Filter’s list of matching vehicles. But if you have a GM vehicle, consider the ACDelco CF188 Original Equipment Filter or FRAM CF10134 Cabin Air Filter for Acura and Honda.

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Mann-Filter CUK 2939 Cabin Filter Wrap Up

After several thousands of miles of driving it is necessary to replace the cabin air filter. If you are going to replace it you might as well replace it with the Mann-Filter CUK 2939 that will not only work to protect you from allergens but also helps to trap harmful gases.