Mann Activated Carbon Filter Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Getting a good quality cabin air filter for your car calls for a little bit of research, and a good idea of what exactly you’re looking for. If it’s the first time that you’re replacing your new car’s carbon air filter, then it’s very important that you get to make the right pick, because most cabin air filter brands have very many filters in the market for a wide range of different cars. If you go for a Mann filter for example, you’ll get to enjoy an odourless vehicle interior because all Mann air filters use activated carbon to get rid of bad odour. To see whether or not a Mann cabin air filter would be the best cabin air filter for your car, make sure you get to the end of this review. You will also want to shop for more of the finest car accessories.

Why We Like It – Mann Activated Carbon Filter

The Mann Activated Carbon Filter will keep your vehicle’s interior smelling nice and fresh for up to 1 year before you need to replace it. It’s got an activated carbon layer that’ll get rid of all the harmful gases and bad odours before they get into your car’s system, and it’ll also keep your HVAC system running for a lot longer.

  • Includes an activated carbon layer
  • Compatible with a wide range of vehicles
  • Easy to install
  • Slightly expensive compared to other alternatives

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A good quality cabin filter makes sure that no dirt, debris or harmful gases get through into your vehicle’s air conditioning system. The Mann Activated Carbon Filter prevents pollen, soot, tire and even particulate matter from entering your vehicle, and in the process, also makes sure that your vehicle’s HVAC system doesn’t get worn down. Just like the EPAuto CP285, it’s also got an activated carbon layer on the filter’s pleats, and this keeps the air that’s getting into your car odour free so that you get to enjoy a fresh breeze whenever you’re driving.


The Mann filter consists of a non-woven-based particle filter media, an activated charcoal layer, and a carrier media so as to improve its stability. The carrier media is essential because the filter needs to stay well in place so as to have the greatest filtration efficiency through a combination of both mechanical and electrostatic attraction. Similar to the ACDelco CF188, the Mann Filter allows for up to 1 year of use, and also doesn’t come with any added fragrance.


As one of the products of the Mann Hummel group, the Mann Filter CUK 2030 is a quality assured product that’ll give good service for about 12000 miles (like the FRAM CF10134 Cabin Air Filter) before you need to replace it. To be on the safe side, you can also choose to replace it after every one year, since by this time the filter would probably have accumulated too much dirt to continue working effectively. Also worthy of note as you get your own filter is the part number that you’ll need to cross reference. This number is important as it allows you to get the specific filter Mann that is compatible with your car.

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Mann Activated Carbon Filter Wrap Up

The biggest win as far as cabin air filters are concerned is being able to keep your cabin air fresh, and to do it for a long, sustainable period of time. This is very important especially if you have respiratory health issues, or drive in an area that’s got a lot of dust in the air.