I’ve had the same tripod for several years. It’s been a more “just stuck with it and be cheap” scenario.  And despite continuing to sink more money into cameras and lenses, my tripod has remained the same. Ultimately it works, so the sustaining thought has long been ‘why replace it?”. Boy, I couldn’t be more wrong.

Instantly upon using the Manfrotto 055CX3 carbon fiber tripod, I realized that the above statement was and is a mistake – in short I should have up upgraded my tripod sooner.  That said, the Manfrotto 055CX3 is beyond durable. Made out of carbon fiber and aluminum infused magnesium, it can handle the rugged wear and tear of life on the road. The legs slide smoothly up and down, allowing for extremely easy setup and adjustment. The leg angles sync and work well together so that adjusting doesn’t have to be a hassle. The 055CX3 overall has great performance thanks to its 100% carbon fibre legs and the aluminum center column, which give the tripod rigidity and a lighter weight. Moreover, when you clap the legs down, they stay firmly in place.  But be warned, I’ve had my fingers pinched at a handful of times (pun intended) from them, which just goes to show they are no joke.

In  terms of capabilities, the Manfrotto 055CX3’s easily handled our 12 pound jib with ease.  So suffice to say, you can feel confident when you pile the camera equipment on top of it despite it being light weight. An additional accessory you can consider for the tripod is the 948RC2 Midi Ball Head, which is a quick release ball head that gives the tripod a maximum height of 74.6″.

With this Manfrotto 055CX3, there is no excuse. It can do the job and not feel like a job carrying it around.

Hit the video above for the complete review or click here.

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