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MAM Pacifiers offer ideal soothing for babies who are being breastfed. Moreover, the exceptionally cute designs just look adorable. They are expensive, unfortunately, so make sure you’re sure your baby is really taken with them. Check out our list of best pacifiers for more great soothing options for your little one.

Why We Like It – MAM Pacifiers Pacifier Breastfed Collection

MAM Pacifiers offers a BPA Free Pacifier for your 0-6 month old child that not only soothes and comforts your baby, but allows this to occur without stunting and disrupting oral development. And while some babies struggle to keep their pacifiers in their mouths, the curved shield on the MAM Pacifiers keeps them firmly in place.

  • Ideal for Breastfed Babies
  • Simple Cleaning
  • Exceptionally Cute Designs
  • Could cause Nipple Confusion
  • Water Can Enter Nipple While Washing
  • Expensive


The MAM Pacifiers are intended for babies 0-6 months and, if MAM’s marketing and customer reviews are to be believed, is specifically ideal for breastfed babies. This could be because the pacifier nipple flattens and extends as it is sucked on, thus mimicking a real human nipple. This could lead to nipple confusion though, so you best watch out for that. While 0-6 months is the average, check out the Philips Avent SCF190/01 Soothie 0-3mth if you’re looking for a tighter age range.


The BPA Free nipple on the MAM Pacifiers contains the signature MAM design with SkinSoft material and a symmetrical shape. These factors, combined together, are ideal for oral development so jaws and teeth come in straight. Check out the Evenflo Feeding Balance Cylindrical Pacifier for a similar symmetrical shape. Cleaning the MAM Pacifier is very easy as well. Simply add water to the included sterilization case and pop it in the microwave for three minutes for a sterilized, ready-to-suck pacifier.


Not only are the pacifiers functional, with openings to keep baby’s comfortable and allow skin to breathe, they’re also exceptionally cute. The boy’s pacifier is blue, has dinosaur and car designs, while the girls is pink with rainbow and swan designs. There’s also a unisex option which is white with a heart and elephant. They retail for $5.00 for a pack of two while the unisex option is a whopping $8.00. Definitely not the cheapest we’ve seen. Consider the Nuk Orthodontic Pacifiers 5-pack if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for pacifiers.

MAM Pacifiers Pacifier Breastfed Collection Wrap Up

MAM Pacifiers are expensive, to be sure, but they are also ideal for breastfed babies. They are very cute and a breeze to clean too. And any attentive parent will be able to stamp out the nipple confusion if they sense it is occuring. Just make sure no water gets in the nipple when cleaning and you should be golden.

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