Nostalgia Electrics SPF200 Soft Pretzel Maker

Everybody loves pretzels and now you can easily make your favorite snack at home, in the comforts of your own kitchen! The Nostalgia Electrics SPF200 Soft Pretzel Maker makes tasty pretzels like the ones you’ll find at any concession stand or pretzel shop at home. The machine makes two large pretzels or six smaller ones in just a few minutes. You can even make gourmet pretzels from the book of included recipes that come with the machine. All you need to do is buy the dough to create the delicious snack. The machine also makes a great gift for anyone who loves pretzels and is fairly inexpensive since it’s only $29 at Amazon.

Kristie Bertucci

Kristie Bertucci is an L.A.-based writer, who can't live without her MacBook Pro. When she's not writing, she's either reading or shopping (online, of course) and loves lazy days so she can catch up on her DVR-recorded shows and movies. She's definitely a Mac girl, she loves music and is currently on a mission to to have an insane and enviable iTunes library.

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