Many of the best bikes don’t come with headlights. Dynamo powered lights have been around almost as long as the bicycle has had gears.  One problem?  Most if not all of them had to make physical contact with a spinning wheel to be powered, that is until now.  Enter the Magtenlight.  It uses the same dynamo tech, but instead of a physical spinning apparatus it uses 28 magnets attached to the bike’s spokes.  As they pass by the dynamo, power is generated and the included lights are lit.  No physical contact, no friction, no slow down.

Two lights are included and rated at 15 lux a piece, that is assuming you’re traveling at about 9mph.  A small on board capacitor or battery stores additional juice for up to 4 minutes when you pause or brake at stop lights and stop signs.

[via Inhabitat]


Christen Costa

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  1. Hello, I bought one of these. Unfortunately, I can’t really recommend it.
    Price: little bit cheaper than a hub dynamo.
    Delivery: couple of weeks
    Product: bulky, ugly, kind of flimsy, exposed wire connections
    Installation: a bit tricky, but easy enough
    Looks: definitely very “my mum insists”. It is not sleek.
    Performance: Don’t know, it didn’t work. It makes quite a rattle, causes a little drag
    Service: Confirmed correct assembly, grudgingly sent a part replacement, did not replace whole unit.
    Replacement parts: Also did not work –  but same rattle and drag. No forther service/advice/explainations given.
    Refund Policy: When the correct assembly is confirmed (I had to make videos) and product is therefore accepted as defective, you have to post it back to china with registered post, which is nearly the same cost as the unit. If they say they can get it to work at the factory, no fefund. Refund is only for the unit, postage is not reimbursed.
    Comment: Even if I had got it to work, I’m not convinced by it’s durability. The product needs something to weigh against the negatives of weight, drag, looks, inconvenience (can’t turn it off), and security (it’s easily stolen). So far, I didn’t see any. However, the company refund policy (if it works: you pay, if it doesn’t work: you pay) tipps the scales for me. Customer beware.

  2. No physical contact does not mean no slow down. The energy that goes into the light has to come from somewhere. It’s transmitted magnetically instead of by touch, that’s all.

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