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Magnificent Seven HDTV Deals of Cyber Monday 2017

Best Cyber Monday TV Deals
Top 7 HDTV Deals of Cyber Monday 2017.

They were seven…but they discounted like seven hun…nevermind. Doofy jokes aside, we found seven pretty stellar discounts on HDTVs during our trolling of Cyber Monday sales. Here they are. If you are looking for a 55 inch model, read the best 55 inch 4K TVs.

Top Seven HDTV Deals for Cyber Monday 2017

There was a time where we might’ve recommended going with a projector for a big screen on a budget, but at this stage in the game, that’s not as financially compelling if you insist on the 4K route. Thankfully, we spotted a ridiculously large 78-inch 4K RCA set for a mere $1,099 – not cheap in isolation, but for a nearly 80-inch screen…cheap. The two reviews at Walmart right now average to 3 stars, but if you read them…you’ll probably feel safe disregarding the one-star review.

The other deals are less atypical in size but no less atypical in value. Dell Home and Walmart have great deals on 55-inch and 50-inch Samsung 4K panels, going for $600 and $478, respectively. If you were already going for another decent-sized purchase at Dell Home in the near future, you might as well spring for the 55-inch set – it’s the same model line as the Walmart 50-inch, and after you factor in the $100 eGift card you get at Dell, you’re really only paying $22 (about 5%) more for a 21% bigger screen.

Next, we’ve got Vizio, the usual discount suspect, bringing a 55-inch E55-E1 4K set for $448. This set’s been around for a year and gotten good reviews in that time.

For smaller rooms, we also found great deals – again at Dell Home and Walmart – on a 43-inch Samsung and 49-inch LG for $430 and $429, respectively. Again, Dell’s got the coup de grace with the $100 eGift card thrown in for the 43-inch Samsung deal. If you don’t need the extra 6 diagonal inches of the LG and already plan on spending $100 at Dell on something else…why not get the Samsung for effectively $330?

Finally, the even-more-budget leader TCL comes through with a bottom dollar discount on its 55-inch 55S401 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart TV for $335 at Walmart. This is a refurbished set but still carries a 90-day warranty and great reviews. All of these are well priced and at an attractive value, something you’re no doubt looking for if you’re finding the cheapest HDTV (4K and non-4K) during Cyber Monday this year.

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