Magnetic Flat-Pack Furniture Easier To Assemble Than Ikea Furniture

MAG Collection

Ikea furniture is super cheap, mainly because you build it  yourself (and it’s made from pretty cheap stuff). Benjamin Vermeulen wants to make it even easier to build your own furniture with his magnetic flat-pack furniture he’s calling MAG – short for Magnetic Assisted Geometry. The new collection features furniture that doesn’t require screws, bolt, nuts, etc. and all those stupid allen wrenches and instead uses the magic of magnets to keep everything together. You must be thinking how magnets are going to hold up, right? Well these aren’t the same magnets you use on your fridge. These are strong enough to allow someone to actually sit on a MAG chair, but they’re not that strong to the point where you need five people to break it down. Currently the collection includes a desk, char and stackable modular storage cabinets. Sounds good, right? Well, the downside of it all is that there’s no word on if the MAG collection will ever make it to production.

MAG Collection

Kristie Bertucci

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