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Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clock Review

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Do you think you have seen all the top-rated alarm clocks? This Magnasonic alarm clock adds a little fun to your otherwise ordinary bedside alarm clock by adding a mini-projector onto it that lets you read the time off your walls or your ceiling. This can be chosen as an alternative to reading off of its blue LED display, which is also large in itself and includes details such as temperature and the date. The projection alarm clock comes with an FM radio transmitter that you can use as your alarm, or if you want, just switch to your favourite radio stations and listen to some tunes. It’s speaker at the rear also features an AUX port that you can use to connect your phone, tablet or any other MP3 device and use it as your external
sound source. Sit tight for the rest of this review to see if it’s the best alarm clock for you.

Why We Like It – Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clock

The Magnasonic projection alarm clock radio is a great product to go for especially if you’re looking for a radio clock that stands out a bit compared to the regular bedside clock, or other simply-designed clocks like the Lemnos Riki Alarm Clock. It comes with an auto time set so that you never have to fumble with setting the time, and a temperature display to keep track of how cool or how warm your room is. And to improve the quality of your slumber, take a look at these 11 sleep gadgets to help you snooze more restfully.

  • Automated Time Setting
  • Rear Speaker with AUX input
  • Automatic Adjusting to Daylight Savings Time
  • No USB charging output


The Magnasonic Projection alarm clock radio comes with a number of features that most users are sure to find pretty handy. For instance, the clock comes pre-configured with the correct time for all the different time zones in the world, so all you’ll have to do is specify yours and you’ll have it set. It also accounts for Daylight Savings Time so you shouldn’t have to worry about that either. If you have a partner that wakes up at a different time than you, the alarm clock radio also allows for dual alarm setting, though the American lifetime clock is much better in that regard as it allows for the setting of up to 5 alarms.


Unlike simple and effective alarm clocks like the Marathon Analog Desk Alarm Clock, this sample from Magnasonic features a large 3.6-inch blue display, on which the time, indoor temperature, day and alarm setting is indicated. In contrast to the LBell LB01 Sunrise Alarm Clock, it’s display only has three adjustable brightness settings, though when you activate auto dimming, the screen will be disabled completely for night time use. Aside from that, the clock weighs considerably heavier than most bedside clocks, and this is because of the speaker at the back, as well as the attached mini-projector which adds some bulk to it. And for some security, why not take a look at a popular home addition by reading our review of 20 of the sneakiest secret doors.


To stay functioning even in the event of a power black out, the Magnasonic alarm clock features a built-in lithium battery pack that serves as its battery backup to keep it running for a while. Even after power resumes, the clock radio is able to restore alarm settings without requiring any intervention unlike other alarm clocks. The one thing we wished the clock came with was a USB charging port for some gadgets, (like the travelwey home led digital alarm clock does) but since it doesn’t, we’ll be fine with being able to connect our gadgets to its AUX in port to just listen to music.

Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clock Wrap Up

According to the many customer reviews that were left by customers who made a verified purchase, the number one feature that left them really impressed was that of time projection. Overall, most people agree that the clock works great, but the only problem with it is that users outside the United States are going to pay considerably more because there’s no free shipping, and that may make interested buyers reconsider their decision to purchase.