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If you’re looking for the best grills for your boat, then make sure to take a look at the Magma grill. It’s actually a kettle grill from the Magma Marine Kettle gas grill lineup. It’s a much better gas grill compared to others from the same lineup. That’s why it has real potential to be the best infrared grill at its price bracket.

Why We Like It – Magma Grill

The Magma Grill is one of the more affordable boat grills that are made very well. Not only does it have good construction, but it also comes with a lot of functionalities compared to other gas grills at this price.

  • High-quality components
  • Rod holder mount support for boats
  • Fantastic flame control valve
  • The installation process is pretty complex
  • The hinged lid design is not that great

Power & Heating

Similar to the KitchenAid grill, this Magma grill is one of the better-performing gas grills available out there. When most gas grills come with cheap control valves, this one sports a high-quality one with great controls. And it supports both disposable one-pound propane bottles/canisters and onboard LPG or CNG systems on boats. But, it’s not as good as something like the Napoleon Prestige 500.

Alternatively, gas and infrared combo grills do exist. You can read about them in our Napoleon LEX 485 review and Coyote S series grill review.

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Size & Versatility

The original size of this kettle grill is bigger than you might expect. It’s certainly bigger than a lot of other boat grills. But don’t worry, if you buy the rod holder mount accessory from the manufacturer, you can definitely mount it on the rim of any saltwater boat. That is not something we can say about the Char-Broil TRU Infrared 14101550 smoker/roaster & grill. Plus, even bigger grills like the Monument grill are a great option. Keep in mind that some of the largest grills are the best built-in grills.


Other than the tempered glass viewing window, pretty much everything in this kettle grill is made out of high-quality polished stainless steel. Now, this might be slightly worrying to a few people. Because the Char-Broil TRU Infrared Grill 463276016 also comes with a similar polished stainless steel body. And that grill has a severe rusting problem. But this Magma grill, thankfully, doesn’t suffer from any of those issues.

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Ease Of Use

Boat grills aren’t always the easiest grills to get the hang of. But once you start using it regularly, even new users can get the hang of it quickly. The high-quality control valve is really helpful in this matter. You’ll want to read our Royal Gourmet gas grill, which offers simple temperature control.


Pretty much nothing can compete with this kettle grill at this price right now. So it is a fantastic value-for-money stainless steel grill overall. Even if you don’t own a boat, it works exceptionally well on land too.

Magma Grill Wrap Up

The Magma Grill is one of the better gas grills that you can mount on a boat using a rod holder. For 480 bucks, it really is as good as boat grills get below $500.

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