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Magimix See-Through Glass Toaster Prevents Charring

Most if not all toasters include a setting allowing you to influence how brown you’d like your toast. Even the best toaster oven has this. But they’re hardly accurate since different types of breads have a variable browning point. Take for instance bagels. They take longer to toast than a piece of traditional toast. So regardless of the setting you choose, you’ll still want to keep an eye on what’s inserted. Peering over the top of your toaster is hardly practical, and while a toaster oven allows you to view you the top of your toast, good luck sneaking a peek at the bottom.

Enter the Magimix Toaster.  Instead of the usual white or black plastic facade, the Magimix Toaster uses glass.  That way you can keep tabs on your toast and bagels with a quick glance, and from either side.  And although the company doesn’t necessarily point it out as a benefit, the glass tray pops out from the side, so there is no slot at the top, which usually results in heat loss and an increased toasting time.

Other features includes a variable browning setting from 1-8 with a single integrated button for starting and stopping toasting; toast, bagel, and defrost options; slide out crumb tray; a long-life quartz element; and a 1,450w power rating.

The Magimix Toaster sells for $250.

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