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Magic Wheel Scooter Is Unicycle Meets Skateboard (video)

Magic Wheel

Talk about an accident waiting to happen?  The Magic Wheel Scooter is essentially a modified unicycle, although a smaller skateboard sized wheel on the rear seems to provide added balance.  The video depicts a teen rider easily cruising along with cell phone firmly pressed against his ear while eating an ice cream cone, but some how we think it’s a tad more difficult than that. Maybe I’ll wait for an electric unicycle.

To ride the Magic Wheel you push off with one foot while the other rests on the platform.  After enough speed is achieved the other foot is then placed onto the platform where upon you can cruise to your heart’s content, that is until you run out of speed.  Given the rather large size of the main wheel you should be able to achieve greater speeds than a skateboard, but less than a bicycle. If you’re just buying your first board, take a look at the best skateboard for beginners.

If you’re so interested you can buy one now for just under $90.

Every once in a while, we’re treated to an innovative product that is functional and also incredibly cool. The Magic Wheel is a scooter unicycle and assuredly one such product that you would love to have. What’s so cool about the Magic Wheel? Well, let’s begin with its sleek looks. This pedal-powered balancing unicycle is an eyecatcher. And if fuel efficiency is a priority with you then the Magic Scooter is more efficient than all the electric scooters out there. A nice workout for legs is one of the neat little side benefits of this vehicle, you’ll feel the stretch as you push it to speeds around 15 miles per hour. If you’re into DIY projects, you’ll really enjoy converting the Magic Scooter into an electric unicycle.

If you are 12 years or above, then with a little practice you will get the hang of Magic Wheel. Swerving and making complete U-turns is easy once you know how. It is a safe vehicle to enjoy, your foot is never far from the ground. There are no brakes on the Magic Wheel because maneuvering and stopping is actually easier without them; that’s what the manufacturers feel.

The Magic Wheel is made from high quality reinforced ABS plastic. Zip around the college campus, take it to the park, commute to your workplace, or simply challenge your skateboarding pals to a test of skills.

Looks like the folks behind the Magic Wheel took a crack at reinventing the wheel and did a really good job.


[via Craziestgadgets]


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