Magic Cook Gourmet Food For The Culinary Camper


I just had a conversation with the wife about dinner. See, I am the weekly resident chef, being the Mr. Mom work-from-home tech journalist of exceedingly good repute that I am. But I can get real up in arms about getting down in the kitchen. There are certain ingredients and supplies of which I cannot abide waning–or heaven forbid–depletion. Butter, shallots, salt, garlic, thyme! If even one of these turns up missing, heads are going to roll! (The wife doesn’t read these, right?). They are but a few of the essentials that can turn the bland into redolent and flavorful culinary wizardry. I also use the best 3 ply stainless steel cookware.

But what’s this–a way to ensorcel friends and family with good food while camping, and without spending multiple C-notes on a propane grill? This and more is the idea behind Magic Cook Where. Magic Cook is a delightful new way to make delicious outdoor food for campers without use of heat, electricity, chemicals, or burners of any sort. You can cook all sorts of goodies: soup, noodles, meatballs, rice, pasta, boiled eggs and more.

Magic Cook cookware is pretty impressive. Just add water and you’re ready to cook anywhere. Where was this thing during my Top Ramen college days? Separate the metal and plastic containers, place the Magic Pack at the bottom of the plastic container, then add water. Insert the plastic container and close the seal on the lid. According to Magic Cook, dinner will be served in about 7-10 mins. Bon appetit!

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