Magic Chef Microwave Review

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Updated August 15, 2022
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The Magic Chef microwave oven is a stainless steel microwave that goes for just below $90 and comes with all the essential functions that you might expect a modern microwave to come featured with. The microwave has about 0.9 cubic feet of space on offer, so it’s best used to warm small-sized meals. Its control panel is also not too crowded with buttons, making it a lot easier to operate. With that said, for two more easy-to-operate units, you’ll like our Panasonic microwave oven countertop review and our Samsung MC12J8035CT review.

If you’re shopping around for the best microwaves for seniors, we think this one might be a great model to consider buying since they shouldn’t have any issues with getting it to work. To find out what else this Magic chef countertop microwave oven has to offer, make sure you get to the end of this review.

Why We Like It – Magic Chef Microwave

The Magic Chef microwave is a decent microwave that’s got a good selection of essential features that you might need to use. At 0.9 cubic feet, the microwave is pretty compact, but it is very easy to use and is available in 3 color options.

  • Simple to use
  • Available in red, white or black
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Short power cord

Power & Performance

Packing 900 watts of power, this Magic Chef microwave is more than capable of cooking a wide range of meals while still being economical in terms of energy consumption. Its power output is just as much as that of the Commercial Chef CHM009 Microwave Oven, and the two also have a similar interior capacity of 0.9 cubic feet. That, however, isn’t the only similarity between the two microwaves. They also both offer up to 10 power levels to alternate between and an auto-defrost feature that defrosts by time & weight. The Samsung Black Stainless Microwave, on the other hand, has about 1000 Watts in power output, meaning it’s capable of cooking up a wide variety of foods within a concise period of time.


Ordinarily, microwaves are expected to last between 5 and 10 years’ worth of service. This 0.9 cu ft countertop microwave from Magic Chef is guaranteed to serve just as long, and a one-year warranty also backs it by the manufacturer. If you experience any unforeseen issues with your unit, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to their customer service team to replace them.

Ease of Use

The digital touch key controls on the Magic Chef 900-watt microwave are well labeled and pretty straightforward to use so that it won’t take you or your elderly loved one a long time to figure out how to use it. Unlike the Top Rotary Commercial Chef Counter, the Magic Chef 0.9 cubic ft countertop microwave oven has features that allow for express cooking. Its six auto-cook options make it possible for you to prepare popcorn, bread, soup, baked potato, fresh, and soft vegetables so that you spend even less time in the kitchen.

Additional Features & Versatility

To prevent your kids from messing around with the microwave or to generally prevent unauthorized use, the Magic Chef microwave features a child safety lock that’s not so obvious on how it is engaged, so you’ll have to go through the manual to figure out how it works. This is also the same with the Nostalgia microwave, but the main difference between the two lies in design. The Nostalgia microwave has a vintage aesthetic, while the Magic Chef microwave looks a lot more modern.


This particular Magic Chef microwave strives to keep things as simple as can be, and this is the main reason we think it could be the best microwave for seniors to use. Its 900-watt capacity may not be as much as that of other top-tier microwaves, but this is what you’ll have to contend with if you want to stick to a $90 budget.

Magic Chef Microwave Wrap Up

The Brand Magic Chef is known for manufacturing a wide range of kitchen appliances, and it has been doing so for more than 100 years now. This is a testament to the kind of quality you can expect from the manufacturer, but if you’re still skeptical about what to expect, go ahead and read through the reviews that other customers left after buying the product and using it for some time.

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