Magic Bullet Blender Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

For lovers of fresh fruit who’re constantly on the move, the best blender for you isn’t just the best blender for smoothies, but the best personal blender. The Magic Bullet Blender, in that context, is a great choice, due to its quick and easy-to-use design. And it happens to be very budget-friendly.

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Why We Like It – Magic Bullet Blender

For a small, yet efficient blender, you’ll definitely want to look at the Magic Bullet Blender—especially If you’re looking for quick smoothies on-the-go. It has an easy-to-use base, accompanied by several attachments.

  • 3 cups and to-go lids included
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Small and perfect for on-the-go
  • Has trouble crushing ice
  • Bad odor with extended use


Compared to the Vitamix 5200 Blender, which has the power of a full-sized blender, the Magic Bullet isn’t quite as powerful; however, there’s just enough to whip up smoothies, a godsend early in the morning. Smoothies aren’t everything though, so the small power base is useful when chopping nuts and seeds, mixing protein shakes, puree baby food, or grinding coffee beans. Unfortunately, the 250 watt motor tends to struggle when crushing ice or making a creamy consistency.


For more options, the Nutribullet 1200 Watt Blender is the better candidate, but the Magic Bullet has an easy-to-use design. It may not have a lot of speed options, but getting it ready is as simply as picking your chosen cup, twisting on the blade, and pushing the cup down on the power base.


The Magic Bullet is dishwasher safe on the top rack. Many Amazon reviewers were disappointed with the durability of the small motor; there’s sometimes a burning smell when blending ingredients like ice or hard vegetables. It also seems like you can’t use the blender for more than 10 seconds at a time. The Magic Bullet is really not suited for heavy use.

Versatility & Attachments

The Magic Bullet comes with a tall cup and two smaller single serve cups for great versatility. It also includes multiple to-go lids. But while it comes with a lot of attachments, it’s not a very powerful blender, so it’s not useful for food processing or other kitchen tasks. It’s really best to just make smoothies in the morning, and not much else.


The Magic Bullet is an incredibly budget-friendly appliance with plenty of attachments. The company does also offer a 1-year warranty. While it’s not as durable as other larger blenders or food processors, these bullet blenders are perfect for quick use in a small apartment or dorm room. To expand beyond that, you’ll want something like the Vitamix Professional Series 750. And if you want a great blender that gives the best value money, read this Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker review.

Magic Bullet Blender Wrap Up

If you like smoothies made fast, then you’ll want to check out the Magic Bullet Blender. Bottom line: it’s a great personal blender that can handle small smoothie-making jobs and has plenty of attachments to bring your drinks on-the-go. It’s not really meant to be used for food processing or other large kitchen tasks.

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