MagBak Is the World’s Thinnest iPad Mount

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For those looking for a slim iPad mount look no further than the MagBak Kickstarter campaign. It can mount to walls, your fridge, your hands and more and is super slim and lightweight. In fact, it’s so slim that it doesn’t even look like it’s supposed to mount an iPad at all.  It’s so thin that no one would ever guess it’s an iPad mount. It can be mounted to most metal surfaces without adding any significant bulk or thickness and mounts to non-metal surfaces using the metal O-Ring that’s included with the MagBak. It uses 3M adhesive backing to stick to non-metal surfaces and allows your iPad to be mounted in portrait, landscape or any angle in between for added convenience.

The SmartCover snaps neatly in place to the back of your iPad, while its silicone texture feels great to the touch and its outline is designed to fit  your fingers perfectly. And at 1/2mm thin, it raises your iPad just enough to keep its back protected from scuffs and more. It comes in six colors so it can match your Apple SmartCover. The early bird special is still available for the Magbak, allowing you to get your own in any color plus an O-Ring for pledging $29 or more.


Kristie Bertucci

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