Magnetic Knife Sticker

Sometimes brilliance comes in the smallest, and in this case, the cheapest (read: inexpensive) of things.

Traditionally speaking knife storage comes in three forms:

  1. Kitchen drawer
  2. Knife block
  3. A metal magnetic knife stipe

I personally opted for the third one a few years ago and to this day it’s served me well.  However, its placement is limited to where wall space allows.   In other words, I couldn’t just place the magnetic knife strip any where I saw fit. This sticker is perfect because it will fit knives of any size, from your best oyster knife to your best butcher knife.

Enter the MAG Stickers from Etsy store owner AMODDOMA.  Made from a combination of vinyl and magnets, they stick to any surface (kitchen or not) and allow you to stow your knives any where you see applicable. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves their kitchen, check out our radical pan review.

Magnetic Knife Sticker
The MAG Sticker comes in threes and are made to order.

One caveat I did notice, though, is that you’ll need to place them at the edge of a cabinet such that the blade can sit flush.  If not, the handles thickness will prevent the knife from “sticking”.

Each MAG Sticker (it includes a set of 3) is made to order, and costs just $4.46 a piece.

Other info:

  • Sticker Dimensions: 210×300 mm
  • Thickness of stickers 1.5 mm

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