Macbooks and iPads Are Cheaper in Malaysia Than the U.S. Apple Store

Cheaper Macbook Air and iPad Mini

I think I can speak for the majority and say that we’ve all long lived under the assumption that Apple’s prices are the cheapest here in the US when compared to any other country.  After all, the US is home to Apple and it only seems like a logical assumption.  And to be honest, it’s not entirely an assumption.  I’ve been to Western Europe time and time again, and often you pay a slight (it’s becoming less and less) premium for their products.  But interestingly enough, what I just stated is actually not entirely true.

Hongkiat first reported on this story, and while their figures aren’t a match to my quick spot check using Google’s currency exchange calculator, the Macbook Air’s offered on Apple’s Malaysia store website are still cheaper than that of the US Apple store’s.  Astounding right?

So case in point.  In the US, you’ll pay $999 for an entry level 11″ Macbook Air.  On the Maylasia version of the Apple store it’s RM 2,999.00, which according to Google exchange equates to $945.51.  The same can be said for a 16GB iPad Mini.  In the United States it’s $329, where as it’s $315.29 in Malaysia.

So, what gives?  Why the price difference?  Well, to be honest, I’m not entirely sure.  Apple products are made in China, so it would stand to reason if they were cheapest there since they can go from the factory directly to store and not cross a massive body of water.  Then there is consumer perception when it comes to pricing.   Ending the price of a product with a “9” makes it appear much cleaner and is perhaps less unsettling to the shopper.  Nevertheless, I’d gladly incur a 3, 4, or 6 if that meant paying less for my Apple goods.

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