MacBook Pro WhinesAccording to Softpedia, some of the Apple MacBook Pros have had a bit of a noise problem. It appears as though some of the newly shipped MacBook Pros emit a high-pitched whining sound when the brightness level is too high and will stop when they lower the brightness or launch the PhotoBooth application. Random.

Some owners claim the sound is unbearable, while others claim you can only hear it in a completely silient room. Apple has made no official comments.

Owners who have elected to send in their MacBook Pro for replacement will have to wait up to a month to get a replacement.

I say get some headphones you whiners.

Macbook Pro Whines [Softpedia]

Christen Costa

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  1. I got a MacBook Pro from work and it also had that high pitch noise. I used the migration assistant and imported settings and applications from a powermac G5. When I used Firefox on the Macbook, it would make the high pitch sound. I called Apple and they told me to delete the account and start a new one. This solved the noise problem which also locked up the computer.

    My suggestion is to back up your files and start anew.

  2. and yes, it completely goes away when photobooth is launched, but is not affected in my case by adjusting the brightness.

    off topic: the advert to the right, offering a $200k reward for people turning in illegal software users, reminds me of something that was happening in Germany during the 30’s. disgusting.

  3. ouch. i just bought one and did a search for “high-pitched sound macbook” and yes, i agree, the freaking noise is absolutely unbearable. ouch. cripes.

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