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Mac OS X “Lion” to be Delivered Through the Mac App Store

Reportedly, Apple will offer Mac OS X “Lion” 10.7 through the Mac App Store, a first for the company and perhaps any major PC manufacturer.  An optical disc version of the software will still be available for those that don’t have the appropriate bandwidth or still desire to have a physical version on hand.

A safe assumption, based on the above, is that Apple is attempting to move completely away from what are now considered traditional delivery methods of media.  The iTunes and iOS app stores are already strong indicators of this given their continued success, and the Macbook Air, which lacks an optical disc drive, seems to be the blueprint of all future Macbook laptops.

Expect to see Lion shown off at this year’s WWDC, which commences June 6th.

Just one question: what if you want to perform a “clean” install of OS X?


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