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If you’re going to be cutting lots of sticky things on your cutting board, the Mac chef knife is one of the best tools for the job. It has dimples across the length of the blade to prevent food from clinging to it. Mac knives are known for their exceptional quality and this model made it onto our best chef knife list. Its design and versatility has also made this one of the best survival knives we’ve reviewed too. 

Why We Like It – Mac

The Mac Knife Chef Series Hollow edge is an extremely sharp and durable Japanese knife. It comes with an 8-inch blade with a hollow edge to ensure that sticky things like some fruits and vegetables don’t get stuck to the blade.

  • Well-balanced
  • Very sharp
  • Extremely durable
  • A bit light for some people
  • The handle can be too long for some people
  • 25-year warranty is less than some of the rivals


When it comes to a sharp edge Mac knives are some of the best in the business. This 10-inch hollow edge knife is lightweight at only 7.7 ounces and offers excellent balance. Because the blade is only 2.5mm thick, it has very little resistance and boasts quick, clean cuts. It can be used for a wide range of tasks including cutting, mincing, and chopping without losing its edge. This is one fantastic Japanese knife and comes close to the more expensive Shun Classic 10-inch knife.

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The design of the Mac knife is a mixture of German and Japanese styles. The straight handle in line with the spine of the blade is the European influence, while the thin blade is a Japanese hallmark. The blade itself is made from Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium steel, which is also used for hard tools because of its strength. The handle is made from Pakkawood. Pakkawood is a synthetic material that looks like wood but is much stronger and more durable. The Mac chef knife is designed to last for many years, just like the Wusthof Ikon 8-inch.

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The Mac 10-inch hollow edge knife is very sharp can be used to cut a wide range of items. Thanks to its strength it hardly needs to be sharpened and boasts great edge retention. It’s also lightweight, yet very strong. This knife is expected to last for many years and comes with a 25-year warranty. Considering all its capabilities, this Mac knife offers exceptional value for money. If you need something sharp, but more affordable, the Victorinox Fibrox is a brilliant alternative.

Mac Wrap Up

This Mac knife is razor-sharp and has dimples along the blade to stop food from sticking. It’s also well-built, yet very lightweight. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their knives, but Mac only offers 25 years. That’s still a very long time to use the same knife. Overall this knife can be used for many tasks and will last a long time.

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