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WANTED: The M16 MuzzleShot Shot Glass with Carrying Case

Imbibing in copious amounts of alcohol is as simple as dumping liquor down your throat.  This can occur by: a) placing the bottle directly to your lips; b) mixing it into a sweet concoction; or c) performing a relentless amount of shots.  The latter option usually does the trick for me, as well as ruin the following morning.

And while these MuzzleShot Shotglasses won’t remove the hangover, it might make me a bit more cognizant of what kind of damage I’m about to do to my body.  After all, when you whip out a carrying case with foam cutouts, you’re making a pretty definitive decision to get blasted.  And speaking of which, the MuzzleShot Shot Glasses are based on an M16’s A2 flash hider, whatever that is.  Each one is made from anodized aluminum, so aside from losing them, which shouldn’t happen thanks to the carrying case, they should last forever.

You can pick up an individual Muzzleshot Glass for $35, or drop as much as $200 and score the whole kit and kaboodle.

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