M-CLIP Aluminum Money Clip Review

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Updated June 28, 2022
88 Expert Rating

The M-CLIP Aluminum Money Clip makes a valiant effort to take the Best Cool Wallets and turn them into the Best Money Clip. It falls short in some areas but ultimately puts a whole new spin on the generic money clip design. It’s far more robust than your average money clip, holding up to 10 bills and 8 cards at one time.

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Why We Like It – M-CLIP Aluminum Money Clip

The M-CLIP Aluminum Money Clip takes the generic clip design and adds a whole new spin to it. Some generic clips holds maybe 5 cards; this money clip holds 10 bills and 8 credit cards at once.

  • Holds 10 bills & 8 credit cards at once
  • Heat tempered steel spring
  • Made from highest grade aluminum
  • Grip strength declines over time
  • Way overpriced


Your average money clip tends to ignore aesthetics almost entirely, but the M-CLIP Aluminum Money Clip at least attempts to add some style. On the handles and along the edges, you get 5 different colors to choose from. It isn’t much, but it’s better than bare metal, though not as nice looking as the VIOSI Money Clip Leather Wallet.


As its name suggests, this money clip is made of aluminum. It sacrifices some strength for a lighter body but doesn’t hinder its ability to hold your cards and money. However, using the clip over time will weaken the grip ever so slightly—just not enough to make a difference.


Compared to the CL Carbonlife Carbon Fiber, the M-CLIP Aluminum Money Clip outplays the former in strength. That’s because it uses a heat-tempered steel spring to keep your money and cards in place. In fact, it holds twice as many cards (and bills), up to 10 bills and 8 cards at the same time. You can check the Nomad Slim Wallet, which has the Tile Slim Tracker positioned discreetly behind a false line, making it harder for thieves to remove it.

Size & Versatility

The M-CLIP Aluminum Money Clip isn’t versatile by any metric but covers the most basic functions. It can clip money and cards, and that’s all you need a money clip to do. But if you like having various tools on your person, the Victorinox Swiss Army Money Clip might interest you.


There’s no double about it: the M-CLIP Aluminum Money Clip performs the functions of a money clip better than most will. Its grip is superior, as are its abilities to hold your money and cards in place. But is it worth the $80 price tag? No, nor is its stainless steel variant, which climbs to $140. With that kind of price, it should know how to fold laundry or do the dishes.

M-CLIP Aluminum Money Clip Wrap Up

Compared to the average money clip, the M-CLIP Aluminum Money Clip is going to win out in just about every way. Its grip strength is exceedingly better, which you can see by how well it can hold ten bills and eight cards simultaneously. With that said, it still isn’t worth $80.

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