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LyveHome Unites Videos and Photos On All Your Devices In One Place


If you’re like me, you probably have photos and videos scattered throughout all your devices – smartphones, computers and tablets. It’s a pain getting them all in one place. But the LyveHome photo and video manager wants to remedy this problem, united memories that are scattered across your mobile device and consolidating them into one easily accessible organized view. Think of it as a hard drive devoted to all your memories that’s about the size of small speaker.  So as new photos and videos are captured, they’re saved into a user’s Lyve account, with thumbnails synced across all connected devices, with the originals coped to the LyveHome. But the device also lets you see photos on its touchscreen LCD screen that features a screensaver, sort of like a digital frame.


Its app allows you to access all the photos you’ve ever taken with all your mobile devices, allowing you to embark on a photographic journey of your past. And unlike Dropbox, Goole, Flickr or even Facebook, LyveHome doesn’t store your digital photos and videos in a huge database online or in a cloud; instead it copes all your stuff to its central drive. And it also manages storage space on all your devices, creating copies of your images. So when you want to see an old picture, the device routes that pic from one device to the next, so that all your photos are stored on all devices. If you’re wondering how it can hold all those pictures, well it comes with 2 terabytes of data capacity, which is enough to store hundreds of thousands of files. Each of your photos will also be organized as the devices tracks where and when you take photos and video, automatically creating collections, evens and albums before it synch it across all your devices. Get organized by ordering one for $299.


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