Lysol Multi Surface Cleaner Sunflower 3X40oz Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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97 Expert Rating

Lysol earned the top place on our best all purpose cleaner list. It is a proven germ killer, combating bacteria and viruses fast. Depending on what type of surface you are cleaning and the kind of germ the Lysol applied is tackling, it can take seconds to 10 minutes to completely disinfect. However, when you take into consideration that Lysol Clean Fresh Multi Surface can eliminate 99.9 percent of germs, it is worth a little time to ensure that your family is kept safe, and the best kitchen gadgets are stored in a clean environment.

Why We Like It – Multi Surface Cleaner

Like Soda Stream (check out our Soda Stream Fizz review), Lysol has been a trusted brand for ages as a cleaner and disinfectant. The Lysol Multi Surface Cleaner Lemon Sunflower is no exception. This product not only does the job when it comes to disinfecting germs and cleaning grim (just like the iDevices Kitchen thermometer does the job of making sure your foods are well cooked), but it also has a familiar and pleasant smell.

  • Does not discolor your clothes like bleach
  • Cleans every non-porous surface effectively
  • Great for refilling smaller bottles
  • It cannot be easily used on cleaning surfaces independently
  • Non-organic


Compared to products such as Soft Scrub All Purpose Surface Cleanser, Lysol is better at disinfecting surfaces. However, both clean better than Method All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes, which does not have antibacterial or disinfectant qualities. Lysol Lemon Sunflower eliminates 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses from all surfaces. While a wipe would be more user friendly, this item, in the line of Lysol products, is better suited for refilling smaller containers or for use in a bin or bucket.


The 40 ounces bottles are designed to be used as a smaller container refill or in a bucket like what would be used for mopping floors. The container is shaped so that it is easy to handle; it is not too wide or bulky. While it does not have a handle, larger volume Lysol clean fresh multi surface cleaners do come with a handle for easier control when pouring into a smaller vessel. The scent of the cleaner is toned down from abrasive to one that is fresher; the lemon and sunflower smell is pronounced.


Compared to Mr. Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner, the Lysol Clean Fresh Multi Surface Cleaner is a better value. Not only does it come in a three-pack, but Lysol Clean products are antibacterial, where Mr. Clean Multi Surface Cleaner products are not. Having the opportunity to buy the cleaner in bulk helps to reduce the cost without compromising the quality. It also ensures that you will always have the item on hand when you purchase three at a time. While other cleaners are cheaper, they do not have the cleaning power that Lysol provides.

Multi Surface Cleaner Wrap Up

If you are after a multi surface cleaner lemon scented Lysol will not disappoint. Even though the product is not organic, it is very challenging to make a cleaning product that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses using a purely organic formula. Since these bottles are designed to be poured into a smaller container, such as the Lysol spray bottles, they are not designed to be used independently exclusively. Overall, Lysol Surface Cleaner Lemon Sunflower is a great product.

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