Lynx SmartGrill Guides You to the Perfect Grilled Foods

The Lynx SmartGrill wants to combine all your fancy smart kitchen tools into one mean, lean grilling machine. Currently the company, known for its higher-end home grill systems, is working on the release date for this smart grill, which include apps, notifications, grilling tips, and more.

The SmartGrill started as a concept product, which quickly turned into a prototype and then plans for full-scale production (you can learn more about the original concept design, which also included voice recognition, here). The final SmartGrill model is an impressive product, tailor-made to include a variety of clues to help you get the perfect brown on your meats, veggies, and more.

The process starts when you tell the grill what you are heating up and how you want to cook it. With a combination of sounds and audio cues, the grill will then walk you through where to put your foods, when to flip them, and when they are ready to be removed. Other smart capabilities can even learn your cooking preferences based on your grilling habits and start to automatically let you know when your foods have reached your favorite temperature.

Lynx’s SmartGrill also comes with an accompanying app that can give you notification about your food and help you prepare unfamiliar dishes properly.

The downside is the price, which is definitely on the high side for the starting model at $6,000. If you want to upgrade, you can pay as much as $9,000 for the largest SmartGrill. You can learn more about the SmartGrill on the Lynx website, but if you want to buy one you’ll need to wait until March when the latest products are set to ship.

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