Lynx Pro Smart Home Security System

In this day of high crime rates, it pays to up your home security game. One great option for doing that is the Lynx Pro Smart Home Security System.  This one stands out from the crowd offering both facial recognition and uninterrupted video monitoring.

This Home Security Solution Has The Features That You Want

You can use the Lynx Pro Smart Home Security System as both an indoor and outdoors security solution. It features a built-in battery backup and local storage, allowing Lynx Pro to store up to three days of data in the event of a power/internet outage. Once power returns, local data is uploaded to the cloud. This means that you are always protected and will never lose your data.

The intelligent facial recognition feature and crystal clear HD live streaming, you to control who the camera recognizes. That way it knows who your friends are and who is not authorized to be on your property. You can use the Tend Secure app to upload pictures of family and friends, then receive check-in notifications when these recognized faces arrive at your door.

Lynx Pro Smart Home Security System
Lynx Pro will up your home security

Lynx Pro Has You Covered

It’s nice to know what’s going on around your home when you’re not there and Lynx Pro makes this possible.

If you have it set to motion detection, all motion-triggered events are immediately recorded and saved. You can backup and review the videos with your free cloud storage. That way you can see if it was just a cat, or you might be able to catch that thief who has been stealing your packages. You’ll be able to see important events from the previous 7 days.

Lynx Pro is weatherproof. In fact, it is designed specifically to withstand the outdoors, with an IP65 rating. It also has a night vision mode so you can monitor the area in complete darkness. You can even control it by voice using Smart Assistant Technology from Google Assistant.

The Lynx Pro has all of the right security features at a great price point. This is a great option for most people’s home security needs since it covers all of the bases so well.

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