There are amazing phone cases out in the market these days. We have cases that recharge our phones, cases that fold out into stands, cases that add extra phone features…but nothing quite like the Lunecase Icon for iPhones.

Several things make the Lunecase stand out from the crowd. First, there’s the power source. The Icon case comes with its own internal battery, like a watch, that doesn’t need to be recharged. On the plus side, that power source helps the case do a few cool tricks. On the negative side, the battery will only last for around two years, after which your mobile case loses its unique abilities and you have to buy a new one.

About these tricks and unique abilities: The back of the case comes with hidden icons that light up LEDs when you get an alert. Your phone sends a Bluetooth signal to the case and tells it what’s happening. The case then glows with an icon for a phone call, iMessage, Facebook message, Skype call, WhatsApp, and so on.

Lunecase Glowing
This Lunecase for iPhones features a glowing icon…but do you like it?

The idea is that you can leave your iPhone face down on the table and still see what’s going on without being glued to the screen. In this way, it functions a lot like the sidescreen used by some of the newer Samsung Edge cell phones…and runs into the same problem. For this to work at all, you still have to keep taking your phone out and putting it beside you. At that point, why not just have the screen face up with the cover open?

Because it looks cool, of course. There’s a reason that the Lunecase Icon from Concepter was such a successful Kickstarter project (we won’t link to it, because that Kickstarter has some outdated information). Those glowing icons are beautiful in their own way, and make the case serve a purpose beyond protection, which is always handy. As for the design, the Lunecase tries hard to not offend. It’s a smooth, slim case a lot like the original rubber cases for iPhones, but with a harder shell. There’s a choice between silver and black versions of the iPhone accessory…as well as a Cult model, an alternative to the Icon that uses a light-up skull instead of minimalist icons.

The question is if the notification ability is worth it. The case costs $50, which is very affordable considering the average high cost of even the best iPhone cases. It may well be worth spending a little more for a feature you can show off.

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