Early mornings, who loves them? Dogs, and that’s about it. But with LED lights embedded, the LUMI eye mask – or sleep mask, depending on which side of that word debate you’re on – is meant to slowly ease you into the pain of waking up at 5 A.M, making your biological clock believe it isn’t living a nightmare.

Those pesky LED lights start emitting photons disguised as sunlight half an hour before your desired wake-up time. As a result, you wake up more naturally and less grumpily.

Being a sleep mask, it also acts to block any unwanted external light during your night-time sleep, letting you complete your deep sleep cycles.

‘Our bodies are designed to sleep in darkness and wake with sunlight. Darkness triggers our brain to produce something called melatonin, which helps us fall asleep. But any tiny amount of light disrupts this,’ says designed Taylor Hide, who’s only 22.

Most happy about the LUMI might be those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, and whose symptoms might be lessened by the mask.


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  1. it's funny because in finnish 'lumi' means snow :P beautiful product! it reminds me of this product i just came across called ear snoozer. really digging all of this new technology!

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