Luma Comfort EC111B Review

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Updated January 15, 2023
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One of the best options that you could opt for especially as someone that doesn’t want to spend too much money on their air conditioning is going for an evaporative air cooler. They are small, easy to operate, and very efficient in terms of their energy consumption. If you’ve never used one before, they work based on the principle of the cooling effect that’s created when water evaporates. The Luma Comfort EC111B is a fine choice to consider when going for an evaporative cooler, but is it the best evaporative air conditioner that you can get? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. Get to the end of this review to find out whether or not it might suit your needs. You may also want to know how it compares to other top-rated air conditioners.

Why We Like It – Luma Comfort EC111B

The Luma Comfort EC111B portable evaporative cooler is a fine choice for anyone that’s in the market for an air conditioning solution on a budget and only needs one to place in a small room. The EC111B will comfortably service a floor area of up to 250 square feet, and with a weight of about 17 pounds, it is quite easy to move around. A slightly lighter model that also services an area of 250 sq feet is the Luma Comfort EC110S.

  • 7.5 Hour Programmable Timer
  • Water isn’t required to run in fan mode
  • 3 Fan speeds
  • Doesn’t allow for continuous water supply


The Luma Comfort EC111B is perfect for cooling rooms of up to 250 sq ft, making it only fit for home or office use. It’s got 2 functions built into it, but can be used as an air cooler, tower fan, and humidifier. The fan has got up to 3 speeds to choose from, and has a removable water tank that’s got a capacity of up to 1.8 gallons. The Luma Comfort portable evaporative cooler doesn’t compare to the 10.8-gallon water reservoir that the Hessaire MC37M has in store, but it is capable of working without any water in its tank, though only in fan mode. If you’d rather have a unit with a larger tank to minimize your refilling trips, consider the Luma Comfort EC220W which boasts a 5-gallon water tank.

Energy Efficiency

To make sure that the Luma Comfort EC111B portable evaporative cooler doesn’t take up as much of your electricity as possible, you can program it to activate only when you need it to instead of having it on throughout the whole day. Its programmable timer will be able to run for close to 7.5 hours before it shuts off, which is the same length of time that you’ll also get from the Honeywell CO30XE Portable unit.


Most evaporative coolers only rely on their cooling media to filter out any of the unwanted particles that may be in the water that’s been stored in the reservoir. The EC11B portable evaporative air also works in this exact way, and so does its close relative, the Luma Comfort EC110S.


Maintaining air conditioners can be a very expensive exercise, especially if you count the number of times you’ll have to replace its filter, and the energy costs that you’ll have to incur. Evaporative coolers on the other hand only need a refill or a constant supply of water now and then, and this is pretty much it. The EC111B is also backed by a 1 year warranty, so in case anything crops up with your unit within the first year of purchase, feel free to reach out to Luma’s customer service desk, and they’ll be quick to send help your way.


The Luma EC111B reaches fan speeds of up to 500 Cubic Feet per Minute, and while this might not match up to the airflow output capacity of the Hessaire MC18M at 1300 CFM, it’s still great for anyone who just needs a portable air cooler in their living room or their bedroom. It’s also convenient to use because it comes with a remote control, but it might disappoint a few prospective buyers because it’s only available in the color black.

Luma Comfort EC111B Wrap Up

Evaporative cooling as a method of conditioning the air in your living space is an easy, reliable, and energy-efficient way to make your living or working environment a lot better. The Luma EC111B is of high build quality, affordable, and is well designed to blend in well with your interior decor.

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