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Finding the perfect air conditioner for your office or the best outdoor air conditioner for your balcony requires that you have a good idea of how big your living space is, because this more or less determines the amount of power that you’re going to need the AC unit to have. For an area that’s about 250 square feet on average, a 6000 BTU rating should suffice. However, if you’ve used a portable air conditioner before, then you might know that they tend to require a lot of electricity to get to work. If energy consumption is a major concern for you, then perhaps a swamp cooler could be a more viable option. The Luma Comfort EC110S portable evaporative cooler for example is also capable of handling an area that’s up to 250 square feet, making it a reasonable alternative for anyone that prioritizes energy efficiency.

Why We Like It – Luma Comfort EC110S

The Luma Comfort EC110S is a decent sized evaporative air cooler that’s perfect for anyone living in a relatively small area, and is a very affordable solution for your cooling needs.

  • Detachable water tank that’s easy to refill
  • Can accommodate an ice pack in its water tank for a cooler breeze
  • Lightweight at 16.2 pounds
  • Only suitable for small spaces


The Luma Comfort EC110S has an airflow capacity of about 500 Cubic Feet per minute, and takes the form of a tower fan that features 3 fan speeds. It’s also got a removable water tank that is easy to refill, and is able to accommodate ice packs for an even cooler breeze. If you’d want to cool down an area that’s a bit smaller than 250 square feet, then the NewAir Portable air conditioner would be a good alternative to turn to, as it has a much reduced cooling range of about 100 square feet.

Energy Efficiency

Evaporative cooling is a process that doesn’t require the use of a lot of electricity. The only thing that needs to be powered is the fan, and this is done so that it can dry the hot air across the soaked pan so that it can be cooled. This is why evaporative coolers like the Luma Comfort EC110S portable air cooler & the Hessaire MC18 portable evaporative air cooler consume much less electricity compared to the typical air conditioner.


To keep out any contaminants, and ensure that users get to enjoy a clean and stress free environment, some evaporative cooling units feature a filter inside. The EC110 portable evaporative cooler is one such unit, and its filter is primarily meant for keeping away any dust particles. From time to time, you will be required to remove it to get it cleaned up. If you wouldn’t want to have to do this every now and then, then maybe the Honeywell CO60PM Evaporative Air Cooler would be a more convenient purchase for you.


The Luma comfort EC110S portable evaporative cooler is backed by a 1 year warranty, and this is pretty standard for both air conditioners and evaporative air coolers. In case anything comes up with your new unit, don’t hesitate to contact Luma’s customer service team, and they’ll be sure to help you out.


You’ll get a remote control with the Luma Comfort EC110S so that you’re able to control it from a distance, making it convenient for you to use whenever you wouldn’t prefer walking up to it. It’s also got a water level indicator so that you’re aware of when you might need to refill it, but we wish it came with a check filter indicator so that you’d know when to replace it.

Luma Comfort EC110S Wrap Up

At this point, there’s not really much about the Luma EC110S that we’ve left out, but if you’re still not convinced about how capable it is, we recommend going through some of the customer reviews that previous buyers have left for it on Amazon, and maybe after doing so, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect.

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