Luke’s Landspeeder Is Now The Pool Toy You Didn’t Know You Needed

In the original Star Wars, Luke was intended to be Everyteen USA, and that included flying around in a crappy junker. But what a glorious crappy junker it was; even if he was living on a hick planet, at least the dude’s jalopy floated. And now, you can own one, and it’ll even float… albeit not on land.

The Pool Toy You’re Looking For

Yes, Luke’s landspeeder has been brought to the real world in pool toy form. It is, needless to say, designed for children, and the idea is that kids sit in the 70″ vinyl toy and pretend to be zooming around Tattooine looking for sand people, enjoying the fantasy before they grow up and realize just how terrible George Lucas can be. Of course, if you are an adult and own this, you can fill it with ice and beverages and just claim it was the only floatable you could find on short notice. But still, this is an awesome Star Wars Gift idea.

Wars In The Stars

Granted, it is actually a pretty nice pool toy. As we mentioned, it’s nearly six feet long, and it’s got three chambers so it won’t sink quickly. In fact, there’s only one rather large drawback to this particular item that’s worth mentioning.

Save Your Credits


And that would be the price, which is a patently ridiculous $200. Seriously. It’s $200 for a pool raft. Yeah, we know the Star Wars license is decidedly not cheap, especially not now after Disney has gotten their mitts on it. But come on: $200 for a pool raft? No pool toy is going to turn out to be worth a car payment, no matter how obsessed you are with Star Wars. Still, if you really are that obsessed with Star Wars, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy this. Just, maybe keep it away from the guy with the sharp toenails.

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