Luggage w/ Built-in Scale to Measure Weight

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Updated June 27, 2022

Scale Luggage

If only the best weekender bag had a scale like this.

Many a time I have returned from vacation with my bag swelling from gifts, clothing, and God knows what else. Getting to the airport is always a hassle, but doable. Paying an extra $25-50 in over weight baggage fees is something I can’t stand. It’s too bad I didn’t have one of these nifty bags that feature a built in scale (kilograms and lbs) and display (powered by long life battery watch) to weigh your luggage. Brought to you by Ricardo Beverly Hills, The Solution Luggage Collection comes in a 25. Also see the Sondre Travel Trolley for a cool piece of luggage. Want to know more on How We Reviewed the Scooters?

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