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The Lorell Pull Chain Wall Mounting Fan takes cues from its rugged beginnings and still includes a single chain pull switch as its mode of operation which is why it’s a best wall mount fan and best circulation fan for grow tent. However, we do wish it came into the new century just a little bit by giving us accurate dB levels.

Why We Like It – Lorell LLR49256

The Lorell LLR49256 comes with three speed settings and an oscillating adjustable tilt head. Combined, these help to not only regulate airflow, but adjust the direction of airflow as well. It weighs only eight pounds too, so set-up and transfer between rooms or walls won’t be a problem at all.

  • Single Chain Pull Switch
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
  • UL & CUL Certified
  • Power Cord is Only 5 Feet
  • No dB Levels


The Lorell Wall Fan offers three speed settings for better control of airflow. You’d be surprised how rare it is to find fans with only a high and low setting, but we appreciate the medium setting on this one. Check out the Maxx Air Wall Mount Fan for another example of this. The Lorell fan also meets UL and CUL standards, so it’s safe to use in both Canada and the United States (and around the world, I’d imagine).


The Lorell Wall Mount Fan isn’t as heavy of a fan you might think. It weighs only eight pounds which means you can transfer it from room to room with ease. Or if you’re so inclined, from wall to wall with ease. But if you would like something a bit lighter, consider the Hurricane HGC736503.

Noise/Sound Level

The Lorell LLR49256 product information page makes no references to the fan being quiet or operating silently. There were also no measurable dB levels. While this made us worry, customer reviews have commented that the fan does make noise, but that noise amounts to regular fan blade noise. It doesn’t make more or less noise than it’s supposed to, and ultimately ends up just being some pleasant background noise.

Versatility/Modern Features

The Lorell Wall Fan Offers an oscillating adjustable tilt head. Combine this with the three speed settings and you have a wall mount fan that has greater control of air flow than most other fans in its class. But the fan also likes to stick to its roots by including a single pull chain switch to retain some of the ruggedness and do-it-yourself attitude of days past.


The Lorell LLR49256 includes mounting hardware, if mounting it is what you plan to do, and a five foot power cord. This may just be me, but five feet isn’t that long for a power cord so you’ll need to be mounting it very close to an outlet. The fan’s white, and while we would appreciate some more color variety we will acknowledge that it’s nice that you can choose between a white or cream finish. If you’d prefer a more versatile color, like black, check out the SPT SF-16W81.

Lorell LLR49256 Wrap Up

The Lorell LLR49256 is easy to set-up thanks to the included mounting hardware. It’s light weight helps in this regard too. It’s UL and CUL certified, so you know it’s safe to use. We do wish the power cord was a little longer though. Five feet is a little on the short side. Still, why would you be setting up a fan so far from an outlet anyway?

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