Lord of the Rings Monopoly Set

Monopoly is a fun game as it is, but if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, it’s 10x more fun when you play with ThinkGeek’s Lord of the Rings Monopoly Set! The goal of the game is to buy all of Middle-earth and bankrupt your friends as they dish out loads of paper cash for landing on your properties like Isengard and more of your favorite locations from the movies. Long gone are the traditional Chance and Community Chest Cards ’cause they’ve been replaced with Good and Evil cards and you’ll definitely want to steer clear of those Evil ones if you want any chance at winning!

And all the properties are straight from Middle-Earth and includes places like Isengard, Helm’s Deep, and Mount Doom. The game also features six collectable tokens like Bill the Pony, Aragon’s Crown, Boromir’s Gondorian Horn, Sting, an Elven Brooch, and Gandalf’s Hat, so you can play with your favorite Lord of the Rings item. The game is for ages 8 and up and goes for $39.99. Also, check out the Clue Luxury Edition board game that brings Mr. Boddy’s mansion to life!

Lord of the Rings Monopoly

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